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 Medical                                                                   ● Automotive                                          ●Robotics & Automation

● Robotics & Automation                                            Robotics & Automation                         Robotics & Automation

Parts and components processing in medical industry usually requires high accuracy.So for medical machining, there are unique considerations when it comes to machine tool usage and selection.

KinTec has worked with the industry’s top OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers,so we understand your specialized needs. we can deliver CNC machining solutions that strike the balance between quality control for your parts and maximum productivity for your company.

Our skilled machinists work closely with clients to develop the specific components and spare parts your project requires. Our engineers develop custom pieces for your business, guaranteeing consistency among designs and construction. No matter how complex, we will work with you to create a component meeting your precision and accuracy demands.

Making Your Product Ideas a Reality.Exceptional prototyping and low-volume production services.Send your 2D/3D drawing to us now, start your free project review.

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Our Capabilities include :CNC machining, CNC Turning, Die Casting. Other services are offered, such as EDM, vertical boring mill (VBM) machining, laser cutting and welding .Surface treatment are available such as anodizing, sandblasting, powder coating and painting. Serves small to large companies in the power generation, automotive, military, and aerospace industries domestically and abroad.

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